Traditional beacons push content, based on proximity, to a smart device. This is done via Bluetooth and an associated mobile app. Our proprietary Beacon Readers provide this technology plus passive monitoring of smart devices within its region, how long it is there, and what other Beacon Readers it has come in contact with so you know the route the user has taken. This allows you to engage your customers or tenants in retail or commercial environment, a trade show or conference, and monitor any customer traffic within your footprint.

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Do you want to know if an employee is in a certain room, if a building visitor goes where they’re not supposed to, or if a conference go-er attends your session? All these things are possible using a Beacon Badge System. By installing Beacon Readers throughout your building, campus, or venue you can see where your Beacon Badges are in real-time, exactly who is carrying it, when they walked into range of the Beacon Reader, and even how long they spent there.

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Empower your workforce with the best technology to optimize your business. Whether you are the office manager or the employee in the field, with the eBeacons app platform you and your mobile workforce will stay connected. From time-tracking to optimizing processes and staffing adjustments, this robust mobile app connects your team, management and overall operations.

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Data from our systems are sent directly to our Cloud Platform, allowing you to make informed business, safety and event decisions. You will have direct access to all information and reporting, whether in our portal or via our API, in order to analyze with your team.

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Social Distancing and Contact Tracing Solutions