Website impressions, but for real-life.

Transform every event into a data goldmine.


Discover the Unseen: Unlock Real-Time Insights with AI-Powered Beacons

At your event, every interaction counts. Utilize AI-powered beacons that passively and anonymously scan for Bluetooth Low Energy signals from smart devices, transforming your event space into a hub of actionable data. Dive deep into your crowd's behavior and preferences, and unlock insights that empower you to measure the impact of your brand activations, understanding what captures attention and drives engagement.

Features of AI-Powered Beacons:

Foot Fall Measurements

Accurate counts and overall impressions provide a clear picture of visitor engagement. Tailor and assess the effectiveness of your brand activations based on real visitor data.

Crowdflow Trends

Identify hotspots and peak times for targeted brand activations. Adjust strategies in real-time to optimize engagement and flow.

Dwell-Time Analysis

Measure engagement with specific activations, understanding what holds attention and for how long. Refine your presentations and interactive elements to maximize impact.

Elevate Engagement: Introducing Smart Badges

EB Systems Smart Badge

Shift from passive to dynamic with Smart Badges, transforming every attendee interaction into an opportunity for enriched engagement and data collection. Enhance your event strategy with advanced features that offer:

  • Advanced Engagement Metrics

    Gain deeper insights into how attendees interact with your brand activations, uncovering what works and what doesn't.

  • Proximity-Based Promotions

    Leverage location to deliver targeted content and experiences at the moment of highest impact.

  • Seamless Experience

    Create a sophisticated, technology-driven environment, impressing attendees and sponsors, and making every moment count.

Track your data like CES.

Join us to see the future of event analytics and engagement with our cutting-edge crowd flow solutions, and unlock the full potential of your brand activations.