Smart City Platform

One of the biggest trends in the ever expanding Internet of Things industry is Smart City technology. But what makes a city smarter? What kind of data is valuable and what is just noise?
With our Smart City platform we make it easy for civic innovators, property managers, and Economic Development Councils to take the first steps in not only making their city smart, but also help the people who work for the city day in and day out get smarter as well.

By installing a network of Beacon Readers throughout your city and at key areas such as intersections, new construction, and transportation hubs you can start seeing the heartbeat of your city by knowing how many devices, such as smart phones and wearables, are within that area/zone. Using this data you can start seeing pedestrian trends, provide data to potential real estate developers, create alerts for Police/Transportation employees if a certain area sees a spike in activity, help businesses monetize pedestrian traffic, and more.
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