eBeacon Tour System

Beacons are sensors that communicate to our eBeacons app based on proximity.
When in range you can trigger different actions within the app, such as clocking in, worksite check-ins and work task reminders. The broadcast range can be set to up to 100 feet or down to 1 foot.

Want to make sure a security officer checks a specific area, indoors or outdoors, or remind them to do something as they walk by? Use a beacon!

Most Advanced Tour System On the Market

All data created by interacting with beacons is sent to a cloud based web portal. With the portal you will have a live view of the activity on your property, but also be able to run reports on certain metrics such as check-in frequencies and time spent near specific beacons. You will also have full control over the messages broadcasted by each beacon. Whether you need to set a reminder for that week, that day, or that minute you will be able to manage your beacon broadcasts in real-time.

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