CrowdFlow Platform

You can learn a lot about an event before it takes place, but do you know really know what is happening during the event itself? Are you struggling to provide sponsors and advertisers with concrete metrics?
With our CrowdFlow Platform we make it easy for event organizers to get a pulse on what is happening at their event in real-time. Using a network of Beacon Readers throughout your venue and at key points such as entrances, stages, and vendor stations we can passively scan for devices such as cell phones and smart watches within proximity of each device.
Using that data we can see where your crowd is ebbing and flowing throughout the venue in real-time, but also allowing you to better manage your event as it is occurring. After the event, we can create charts and heat maps after your event to gain even more insight.

Want even more control over your event? When integrated with our Beacon Badge System not only can you gain insights on your attendees, but also create smart employee badges and VIP bracelets for added insight, customer experience and operational efficiency.
With Beacon Badge integration you can do things like automatically check patrons into specific event rooms/events, create smart alerts based on things such as current crowd count, smart tickets, and more!

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