Leaders in Workforce Management and the Internet of Things

We create customized Mobile Workforce Management apps based on your specific business needs. Through our growth and innovation, we are helping shape the emerging market of connected devices, known as the Internet of Things.

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At EB Systems we leverage three key pieces of technology to create solutions tailored to your business needs


The eBeacons App

Empower your team with tools to make both of your live's easier. With the eBeacons app platform you and your mobile workforce will stay connected.


The Beacon Reader

The Internet of Things movement is here, but do you know how to get connected? With our proprietary Beacon Reader Device and Platform we make the Internet of Things easy, allowing you to focus on end results versus the setup process.


Cloud Platform

All of the data created by our apps and devices is sent to our Cloud Platform. Whether you need information in real-time or want to learn from all your past data our Cloud Platform can be tailored for your needs.

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About Us

Headquarted in Kansas City, we service clients all over the United States

Founded in 2014, EB Systems focused on growth and innovation early on. Today we service clients all over the United States and support thousands of users on our various application platforms.

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