Re-open safely using our Social Distancing and Contact Tracing Technology

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With our proprietary system of Beacon Reader sensors and Bluetooth wearable’s we can provide the following:

Real-time location tracking indoors/outdoors and location based analytics

Real-time alerts around safety protocols and authorization

Pre Covid-19 Features

Automatic clock- ins and clock-outs as employees arrive and leave a worksite

Customizable Badge Profiles for in-depth analytics and alerting

Social Distancing:

– Using our advanced wearables know when two people come within 6-feet of each other, for how long, and the average distance. Create alerts if the threshold is crossed.

– Set a safe social distance threshold for specific rooms and areas.

– Long- term analytics on how well a worksite or facility maintained safe social distancing practices

Covid-19 Features

Contact Tracing:

– When a positive Covid-19 infection occurs receive detailed reports on where that person was and who may have been in contact.

– Automatically alert those who may have been exposed

– Predictive analytics on potential super spreader contacts and infection analysis

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